Monday, July 30, 2007

Article on Restoration in Golf Course Architecture Magazine (from UK)

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Evan said...

Great article. I'm glad you posted it or I'm sure that most people would never had the chance to read it.
Allandale is intact-except for the 4th green. It was rebuilt because it was prone to flooding. I love the course and if I lived closer to Barrie I would be there all the time. I recommend that people get out to play the course. It's a great 9 hole test and if the bunkers are restored it will look amazing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Andrew

There are hard holes.
There are fairly easy holes.
My questions are:

1) What are the playing charcteristics of an intermediate Par 4?

2) What architectural elements make up a hole that players can score birdie/bogey with = frequency?

3) How do such elements differ
depending or the level of player?

4) Could you cite a few examples of such birdie/bogie holes?


eugene--Queens, NY