Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Best of Caddy Shack

This blog has come to an end. I took about two years to explore golf course architecture and put all my ideas and the ideas of other under the microscope. What emerged through this experience was a lot of design clarity for me. If you’re daring enough to read from start to finish you will likely see the transition.

The Best of Caddy Shack

1. The 25 Greatest Architects in History
2. The History of Golf Course Architecture
3. A Study of 18 of the Greatest Holes in Golf
4. The 10 Course Every Architect Must Study to Understand Golf Architecture
5. Defending Against Technology - without Length
6. A Complete Look at Bunkers from Philosophy to Art
7. The Joy of the Short Par Four - with a breakdown of famous Holes
8. The Short Par Three - Everybody's favourite hole
9. The Importance of the Long Par Three - with examples
10. Short Par Fives - Balancing opportunity with calamity

Other Interesting Series

1. The Role of a Greens Committee
2. How Green is Golf - review and discussion of John Barton Article
3. The Future of Canadian Golf Course Architecture - Discussion of the Enviornment, Water Useage and Economics
4. Growing the Game
5. 10 Things I Don't Like in Golf Architecture

25 Short Pieces on Golf Architecture

1. Compression and Release
2. Do Undulating Tees Make Sense?
3. Building a "Good" Low Cost Golf Course
4. Restoration - shades of grey
5. Bunker Lips that Won't Erode
6. Bunkers Inside the Fairway Lines
7. Playing Freedoms are the Key
8. The Writings that Shaped Me
9. Redans, Biarritz and other clever holes
10. Why flanking bunkers should make a comback
11. The Value of Sweeping Fairway Contours
12. Where Maintenance Meets Architecture
13. The Biarritz Green - a history
14. The Insurmountable Hole
15. Dealing with a Flat Site
16. The Redan - a history
17. Carry Angles
18. Blindness - charm or failing?
19. The Rise of Inoffensive Architecture
20. My Eclectic Top 18 Holes
21. The Use and Value of Central Bunker
22. Target Bunkers are .... Useless
23. Breather Holes are Good
24. Are fast Greens Good or Bad for Golf
25. The Best Piece I Ever Wrote