Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Opener inspired by Pine Valley

click play twice

The missing line would likely have been: By leaving the front wide open players can play a bounce in approach or intentionally play short to remove all the trouble. If you want to make a birdie you have to take the risk of going long.

This was a bit of an experiment, but I liked it enough to keep it as is - despite the shakey nature and the last couple of seconds are missing.

My influence - the opener at Pine Valley.

I've used a similar approach to the opener as Pine Valley:

1. Lots off room off the tee for a comfortable opener
2. A short route where you can cut the corner with an aggressive play, but pay the consequences if you miss the shot.
3. The approach to the green is wide open and on grade allowing a passive running approach.
4. The more aggressive you get the narrower the green becomes and the green falls away on all three sides clearly influenced by the opening green at Pine Valley.
I always thought that was the best opener in golf and have gladly lifted many of the ideas to open this particular course.