Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Hole Series - The reachable par five – #13 at Cruden Bay

I felt guilty for not doing all of them, so here is the 13th from Cruden Bay. Next week will be a collection of odds and sods before the short threes begin the week after.

The 13th is below on the left, notice the burn you must play short of from the tee

This is the shot from the tee, with everything clearly in front of you.

The 20 foot huge roll on the right hides the green as it falls away hard to the right

The green site with the huge knoll on the right and the raised left side where anything close is repelled to the left and below.

The green is centre right, with the knoll on the left

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Anonymous said...

OK, nice pictures. One from the approach would have been nice top see the alternative (3-shots). From your discription, it seems that this is just a variation of your favorite (10 at Riviera) ie green fall to left - hard to hold. But, as a short 5, your coming at this with a long club. Can it actually be stopped on the green? You don't say. I mean, is it really worth it? As far as the 3-shot route, it looks fairly benign. As a "Great" short hole, shouldn't this route also be a challenging route?