Monday, August 14, 2006

Top 100 - More thoughts

I thought I'd post on and off on this subject today and tomorrow and then move on.

Here's some thoughts on misplaced courses.

1. National - this is simply not the best we have to offer in Canada

2. Beacon Hall - never got this one, never will, a nice club on a nice piece of property with very safe architecture. Does not make my top 25

4. Paintbrush - love the course, but a little too high

9. Shauaghnessy - this is proof that too much extra credit is given for hosting an open (see Glen Abbey)

11. Taboo - way too high, nice course, but service far exceeeds the quality of the course (or does that matter?)

13. Glen Abbey - not in my top 25, just look at the front nine by itself and tell me the course is great

23. Copper Creek - I worked on this an even I know it's wrong

35. Osprey Valley Heathlands - top 25, Carrick Design's best detailing ever

47. Bear Mountain - is a new course, what gives?

49. Summit - misunderstood for how good it is, too understated perhaps, should be top 25

54. St. Thomas - easily a top 15-20 if you go and see the course

57. Catarqui - top 20, a great piece of Thompson history

59. Marine Drive - a completely dull course played down a "hallway"

62. Laval - sufferes from no visitors, great back nine

63. Rosedale - other than being short please tell me where the weakness is?

67. Scarboro - could be top 10 and no worse than 20. Never understand why people don't get this one is it just yardage?

72. Mt. Bruno is definately a top 25 candidate, but may be access is the issue

76. Beaconsfield - may favourite Montreal layout gets no love, is this still fall out from the Ladies Open? Top 25-30

84. Glendale - This course is a bit of a sleeper, worth seeing

86. Lake Joseph - the top 10 was silly , but so is this

I already supplied my list of courses that should have made this.


Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

What's the best affordable course in the Niagara Falls area? I'm looking to take a buddy up on a Friday in mid-September.

Is it a course on the list?

Ian Andrew said...


Best affordable is Whirlpool Golf Course owned by the Niagara Parks
Commission. It's an average course, but a lot of fun to play.

It would also still be my first choice in that area, the golf is
generally painfully average.

Your other option is to phone Lookout Point (private) and see if they
will have you as guests (they are generally friendly) and this by a
mile is the best course in the area.