Friday, May 05, 2006

A larger ball - this is a new idea that has huge merit!

This from David Feherty who talks about how technology is hurting the game and what he'd do if he were Commissioner for a day:

"I would change the size of the ball. I'd make it .02 bigger. With one fell swoop you would cure a bunch of problems. The ball wouldn't go as far. It would spin. It would be harder to hit straight. It would be harder to hit far. It would be very slightly harder to get in the hole. On the upside you'd bring a lot of old courses back into relevance. It also sits up nicely around the greens. The amateur player has more fun playing with it. I grew up with the 1.62 (ball) and I remember changing to the 1.68 and thinking, wow, this is so much more fun playing with this ball. For the high handicapper, those shots around the greens are difficult. When the ball is a little bigger, it makes such a difference. There's more of it to get underneath.We've done it once before. I don't see a reason not to do it again"

Absolutely the most brilliant idea I have heard to date.

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Anonymous said...

I agree... I love it.