Friday, February 24, 2006

Why the Caddy logo?

I assume many of you who that have visited my web site are wondering, what's up with the logo? Well it's nearly 20 years old now and it was inspired by another illustration of a caddy. At the time I was looking for a "clever" logo to go on my thesis at Guelph - I think I was trying to be funny at the time. The thesis was about recovering a landfill for a golf course - and idea that is wonderful in theory - but carries so many serious complications.

Well I guess I grew attached to the logo, so when I was looking for a logo for my new company that somehow described me, I realized I already had what I wanted. With a quick revision to the face the caddy became me. So why the caddy?

The caddy represents my start, which was originally caddying for my father, a long time ago. It also represents my belief that the greatness of the game is rooted in its past , and finally the logo is supposed to be fun - a golf course design element that I feel is greatly overlooked.


Dick Kirkpatarick said...

Very nice Ian, I will read it often

Mike Sweeney said...

If your courses are as clever as your logo, you will do well Ian.

Mike Sweeney said...

Very nice logo Ian. If your courses are as clever, you will do well.