Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Best Course in Canada - that No Longer Exists

Jericho Golf & Country Club

The course featured a seven seaside holes looking out onto English Bay, and 11 holes cut through tree lined rolling terrain, all with dramatic views of Vancouver and Vancouver Island. The upper holes were described to have such drama that very few traps were required, and the seaside holes were rough and raw with open areas of hazard. The setting and mixture of holes made up what could be arguably the biggest loss in Canadian Golf.

It disappeared to become a naval base in 1942, likely because it was in an excellent location, and it offered the land required without expropriating houses.

Every BC course including the “new” Capilano Golf & Country Club were all compared to how they stacked up against Jericho. The architecture likely did not live up to Thompson, Alison or Park, but the setting was far better than almost any course in Canada.

The course would definitely make the top 25 list for Canada, and may have been even higher. The course would have looked and played like Capilano in the upper holes and had a similar feel to the Oceanside holes at Victoria Golf Club.

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